Monday, March 17, 2014


New York Daily News Reporter Jason Silverstein

Happy St Patrick's Day to all my followers.  Figured it'd be time that I get you caught up on the happenings that have gone on with the pipe club.

I'll start with the NY Pipe show held at the Whyndam Newark International Hotel in Newark NJ on Saturday March 8th, 2014.  The vendor turnout was smaller than it was the last time I attended.  Steve Monjure was unable to attend due to  getting snowed in the Carolinas (hard to believe as we had the first warmest week-end this way).  It was still a great turn out, with Master Blender Russ Oulette showcasing some of his newest tobacco blends.  One of which was a tasty aromatic called Erin Go Bragh.   This is an aromatic blend featuring American and African Virginias with some sweet Cavendish and some Burley tobaccos.  Topping it all off was a hint of an nice peaty Irish Wiskey. Russ even discussed a blend he's working on to pair with the Corn Cob pipes.  Interesting seeing what new stuff the blenders are working on.  Also some fantastic pipe makers were once again on hand displaying both Briar and Meerschaum pipes. I actually purchased two pipes at the show.  One was a yello bole pipe and the other was a Kaywoodie Pipe (both are great smokers).  The only downside was that the organizers decided to raise the entrance fee from $5 to $10 which didn't sit well with attendees.

Afterwards some members of the NY Pipe Club and the Philly Pipe Club drove over to JR Cigars in Whippany NJ where we smoked our newly acquired pipes and tobaccos.  Also we drank and ate as that was something they allowed in the location.  As always a fun time was had by all in attendance.  Here's a link to photos from the evening. Newark Pipe Show

On Tuesday March 11th, 2014 we had the monthly March meeting at Circa Tabac in NYC.  A great turn was on hand, roughly 25 members,  to welcome two special guests to our meeting.  One of the attendees was the gent who was selling Meerschaum pipes that he has carved and shipped from Turkey. The reporter, Jason Silverstein, and his photographer from the New York Daily News.  The Meerschaum pipe seller showed up about 7pm and stayed for a number of hour.  He was able to sell a few of his pipes to members who were unable to attend the pipe show in Newark.  The reporter came by the meeting around 9:10pm or so and did a lengthy interview with our president Lou Carbone and some of the members who were in attendance.  He was to meet with Lou the following afternoon at Nat Sherman tobacco shop to discuss the pipe club blends.  Again a great time was held by all in attendance.  Here are some of the pictures from the wonderful event. March 2014 Meeting

Well folks that's a lot to put in your collective pipes and smoke, so go ahead and, as always, check out our website and Facebook page for more pictures of these wonderful events.  See you at our next meeting which will be on April 8th, 2014. Hopefully by then we'll be moving on to the warmer weather.

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