Tuesday, February 22, 2011


New York Pipe Club celebrating International Pipe Smoking Day

Howdy all, back with you again this time we're at De La Concha Cigar Shop celebrating International Pipe Smoking Day.  This year we celebrated IPS Day one day earlier, on Saturday February 19th, since the official IPS Day fell on Sunday this year. We had a good turn out, on such a cold day, by members of the pipe club (as seen in the picture above).

We arrived at roughly 2pm and proceeded to get setup in our usual spot by the window.  Our thanks go out to Vernon Vig who secured the spot for us to hold IS day.  Also, to our surprise, Vernon had De La Concha display the custom made Dunhill pipe presented to him by the NYPC.  President Lou brought couple of bottles of Port Wine for the members to share,  Also De La Concha extended a 10% discount on all pipe tobaccos and some of the members took advantage of this.

It was a fun time and everyone enjoyed getting together to celebrate International Pipe Smoking Day even if it was a day earlier.  As always pictures can be seen here IPS Day.

Hope to see you all at the next meeting to be held on March 8th, 2011 at Florio's from 6pm - ?.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Pipe maker Peder Jeppesen

Happy Friday to all my readers, as the title of this post states I will be giving you an overview of the New York Pipe Club's meet and greet with Peder Jeppesen at Merchants East on Thursday February 10th. In attendance were club president Lou Carbone, Avi, Larry, Bob Sacks, Hank Satchi, Allan Goldschmidt and yours truly Patrick Grant.

A history lesson for those who are not familiar with this pipe maker. He is a Danish pipe maker who, for 25 years, worked with a few well known Danish pipe makers one of whom is Erik Nording. After perfecting his pipe makings skills Peder went out on his own forming Neerup Pipe Company, named for one of his grandmothers.

Peder was on a tour of the US visiting as many Tobacconists and the occasional Pipe Club to introduce the stores and pipe club members to his rather wonderful pipe line. Avi and Allan purchased a few of the pipes Peder brought to show us.

It was nice to have this event at Merchants so some of the members could see the location and decide, for themselves, if this was a venue they'd vote for.

It's now Saturday the 19th of February and I figured I should, since I have a free moment while I clean my pipes, to finish this post before heading to celebrate, a day early, International Pipe Smoking Day at De La Concha cigar shop and lounge. Hopefully we'll get a great turnout for this event.

Pictures from the Peder Jeppesen meet and greet can be found here Peder Jeppesen. See you at our March meeting at Florio's in Little Italy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Club President Lou Carbone enjoying his pipe

Howdy all, just got a free moment riding the #7 train to update my blog site. Here we are in the second month of 2011 and we just had our second pipe club meeting. As always we met at Florio's in Little Italy to have dinner then retire to the smoking lounge to smoke our pipes.

This meeting was different, what with the passing of Larry Amarouso the previous month, we now have to pay $10 to use the smoking lounge. The management referred to this as a usage fee. The members that were there paid the fee and enjoyed a night of pipe smoking and camaraderie. We had a total of 19 people that showed up in the lounge, with a smaller contingent coming for dinner.

All that being said, we still had a wonderful time smoking our pipes and trying tobaccos brought in by other members. Meeting adjourned around 11:30pm or so.

The next Pipe Club meeting is in March, plus we have the International Pipe Smoking Day on Saturday February 19th from 2pm - 6pm at De La Concha on Sixth Avenue. Hope to see you there to hoist a bowl for a wonderful evening of pipe smoking.

Before I go, here is the link to the pictures from the meeting Photos. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well it's a miserable day here in New York so I figured I'd take the time to get you up to speed on the latest happenings in the cigar and pipe worlds.  Since my last post I suffered an unfortunate mishap.  Nothing too serious, if you don't consider a broken left elbow serious.   It will require surgery to repair and at least a three month recovery, but other than that all else is operational since I'm a right handed person so I can still function.

On to better things,  on January 18th we had our first pipe club meeting of 2011.  It was both a happy and a sad occasion.  More on the sad bit later.  Our first 2011 meeting was delayed a week due to the inclement weather we've been having in New York this winter.  We met, as usual, at Florio's in Little Italy where we had dinner and  then went upstairs to smoke our pipes.

At this meeting we honored former president Vernon Vig with a one of a kind custom made Dunhill pipe for his hard work and dedication to the efforts of the club.  We also had a custom certificate made to commemorate the occasion.  Vernon was quite surprised by the generous tribute bestowed on him by the club. In honor of the occasion the club generously bought all in attendance a drink of their choosing.

We then retired upstairs to enjoy the newly reintroduced Dunhill pipe tobaccos, courtesy of Peter Guss and Liam O'Mally, which were a big hit with all in attendance.  Meeting was a great success with all in attendance.

Our normal high energy meetings were made a bit somber when we were informed of the passing of our host, for many years, Larry Amoruso at 51 years young.  He lost his battle with cancer on January 13th, 2011.  Our condolences go out to his family and close friends.

Our next meeting is on February 8th, 2011.  Hope to see you all in attendance where we may sample some unusual tobacco.  Before I forget here's the link to the pictures of the evening  Pipe Club First 2011 Meeting