Sunday, November 14, 2010

November Pipe Club meeting

The Author smoking one of his Meerschaums

Hello again, time's sure flying this year.  Here we are again at the November Pipe Club meeting.  Once again we took up residence at Florio's / Three Little Indians for dinner and an evening of pipe smoking.

This month's meeting was jam packed with happenings.   First member Bob Sacks showed the members the Dunhill pipe, created for former president Vernon Vig.  President Lou encouraged the members in attendance to send a contribution so that we could, at a later date, present the pipe to Vernon as a gift from the NYPC.  We also had a raffle for a elegant wooden tamper with granite bit which was won by Gene.  Then we got down to business.

The evening featured some Ashton blends that have been reissued. (For a description of them one can visit the NYPC website New York Pipe Club).  We ha roughly 6 - 7 tins that was sent to us by our contact at McClelland.  We thoroughly enjoyed the sample tins provided.

Yours truly and Mark pitched a few ideas to Peter concerning events we could have at future meetings. Hopefully we can plan these events and hope that the loyal members will be on board.

As always a fun time was had by all in attendance.  Here's the link to the pictures so you can re-live the event, if you were there, or see what you missed if you were unable to attend. NYPC Pictures

Well that's all for now, will keep my ear to the cigar / pipe ash to see if any events are in the works.