Thursday, December 22, 2011

Monjure Pipe Show et al

Author's new Brebbia Pipe

Howdy all, it's been a while since I last posted anything to this blog.  A lot has happened since my last post. I went to two pipe club events, one being the annual NY Pipe Club picnic and the November meeting.

The pipe club picnic featured, as always, the summer corn cob pipe in both straight and bent styles.  We had a few aromatics and other tobaccos brought by the club members.  We also had great food, pork chops, burgers, sausages and this time we enjoyed beers from a number of micro breweries.  As in 2010 the weather was perfect not too hot and we had a slight breeze blowing.

The November meeting was our pre-Thanksgiving leftover event.  We smoked tobaccos that were featured at previous meetings.  Some of the tobaccos that were featured included samples of the pipe club blends (still in progress) plus samples of the blends that were featured in the Balkan Sobrani showdown at the Chicago pipe show.  Two of those blends won and one, Blue Mountain (McClelland's entry), is available for sale.  The other by Russ Oulett is still in work and should be available soon.  It was a pretty nice event with a pretty decent turn out.  Pictures can been seen here November_Meeting.

The Monjure pipe show took place at Barclay Rex Tobacco shop, 75 Broad Street and 70 East 42nd Street, on December 8th and 9th, 2011. This is Steve's big event in NYC before the Christmas / New Year Holidays.   As always pipes from Brebbia, Ardor and Rinaldo were featured. Steve Monjure was on hand to answer any question regarding the pipes.  Yours Truly bought, yet, another Brebbia pipe.  This one was smaller than any of the other Brebbia pipes I bought in the past but it is great as I didn't have a pipe for a quick smoke.  Also on display was a gorgeous Rinaldo pipe which, is the custom, was to be raffled off.  As always I put my name into the hat not expecting to win.  Low and behold I get a phone call from the folks at Barclay Rex informing me that I won the raffle pipe from Steve Monjure.  I collected my pipe the next day 12/9/2011 and have been smoking it since. Here are pictures of the pipes at the show Monjure Pipe Show. Pictures of my Rinaldo pipe to follow.

As I write this I am sitting in the dining room of my grandmother's house in Kingston Jamaica in the West Indies.  The temperature here is in the low 80's.

As I close I want to wish all the people who take time out to read this a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous 2012.