Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hi all, taking time to recover from the March meeting of the NY Pipe club and figured it was time to update this blog.

The Cain cigar comes to us from the Oliva stable which produced the wonderful Nub cigar line. The Cain cigar is a Ligero filler and binder from the farms in Nicaragua with either a Maduro or a Habano wrapper.

The one I chose for this review is the one with the Habano wrapper.


The Cain Habano is comprised of Ligero tobacco from different regions with either a Maduro or Habano wrapper. The initial nose of the cigar produced a wonderful sweetness with hints of leather. Upon. Cutting the cigar, with an exquisite V cutter, I proceeded to give it a pre-light taste. The hints of leather was evident as was the sweetness.

Upon lighting the cigar and taking the initial draw showed just how well made this cigar is. The hints of sweetness and leather were joined with a black pepper spiciness that wasn't overpowering. The black pepper flavor was there for the first third then replaced by a wonderful bitter sweet chocolate flavor that endured through the second third.

Nub of Cain Cigar with wonderful ash

All the while, the wonderful grayish ash hung on well into the final third in the final third, see picture above,  the spiciness reappared but this tome it was more of a red pepper spiciness. Not overpowering enough to hide the sweetness that was present throughout.

Overall this is yet another cigar in the oliva line that I would regard as a sleeper. For those who enjoy a full bodied smoke will enjoy the cain cigar line as much as I have.

The cigar ash has informed me that this coming friday, March 12th, barclay rex will be hosting an event featuring the zino cigar line from Davidoff. Looks to be a great event. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hi all, just got some time to sit down and write my review of La Flor Dominicana's newest cigar called the Airbender.  This is a wonderful cigar features tobacco grown at the company's own tobacco farm in the Dominican republic for the filler and binder.  A spicy Ecuadorian Habano wrapper completes the package to create a wonderful cigar.

Upon inspection this is a finely constructed cigar with a nice oily sheen to the wrapper.  The nose of cigar revealed hints of sweetness and leather. Clipping the cigar, with a nice mahogany V cutter, the pre-light draw revealed more of the sweetness, the leather and a touch of spiciness.

Once lit the first third exuded the spiciness and that was present on the pre-burn draw.  The hint of leather was also present.  There was loads of smoke present and the ash was a grayish-black and hung on for a full 2 inches.

The spiciness disappeared on the second third and I was left with the hints of sweetness and leather throughout the second third.  The burn was a bit uneven and needed a slight touch up but that didn't affect the overall quality of the cigar.

The final third ushered in the spiciness that appeared in the first third and the sweetness was still present.  The ash during the final third hung on for a good 2 inches.

Overall this is a great smoke and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's familiar with the brand or likes a full bodied smoke.

The next event is the March Pipe Club meeting, Tuesday March 9th, 2010, where we'll be smoking, yet again, some unusual pipe tobaccos.