Monday, January 11, 2010


Meerschaum Pipe in case

Another image of Meerschaum Pipe showing beginnings of coloration

Happy New Year to all.  Hope the New Year will bring health and prosperity to all.  I started the New Year with yet another pipe purchase.  As seen from the above images I have entered the world of Meerschaum pipes.  This is a wonderfully carved pipe which features the front section of a Pegasus with the wings folded back.

Picked up some new aromatics which I am smoking in this pipe.  One is a Barclay Rex blend they call Alkazar and the other one is a blend by Solani called Scotch Whiskey.  I also smoked an aromatic roll cake tobacco in this pipe as well.  So far this pipe smoke wonderful and I have to remember to keep my hands off the bowl while smoking it so I don't get any oils from my hands on the bowl and ruin the coloration process.

That's all for now. Will be going to the first Pipe Club meeting tomorrow evening and hope to smoke some new tobaccos from McClelland.  Will try them and hopefully write a review of it.

Will keep my ear to the cigar / pipe and will report back if anything comes out of the cigar / pipe ash.