Sunday, April 1, 2012


Avi, Lou Carbone and Alan Goldschmidt enjoying a bowl for International Pipe Smoking Day

Hey all, the New York Pipe Club got together on Monday February 20th, 2012 to celebrate International Pipe Smoking Day.   We met, as always, at De La Concha tobacconist located on 6th Avenue in New York City.

We had a good turn out of people from the club who got together to raise a bowl in celebration of this day of solidarity for pipe smokers world wide.  As always De La Concha provided us with seating in their smoking lounge and also provided us with discounts on pipes and pipe tobaccos from their wonderful selection.

A great time was had by all and we got to meet some pipe smokers who frequent the smoking lounge at De La Concha.

Here's some pictures from the event  International Pipe Smoking Day  Enjoy!!


President Lou Carbone, Harvey Silver and Hank Satchi

Hey all,  been a while since I've had a free moment to post some long overdue updates to my blog.  Been a busy four months.  I've been busy working on my family tree for my upcoming trip to Jamaica this Thursday to celebrate my grandmother's 100th birthday.  I still can't believe that she's hitting that milestone.

Since I have a free moment to work on my blog I figured it's about time I work on updating you on the latest happenings in the world of Pipes and Cigars.

Since my last post I traveled to Jamaica over the Christmas / New Year holiday to spend some time with my Grandmother and decided to start working on my family tree which has become almost a full time job.  But I digress,  I will update you on a few events that have happened since the last post.

The New York Pipe Club had the first meeting of 2012 on January 10th.  We got together to smoke some great tobaccos and talk about the final stages of the New York Pipe Club blends.  We had the opportunity to sample what will become our signature blends, unfortunately I am unable to say more about them at this time.  I will say anyone who will attend the Chicago Pipe show happening on May 5th, 2012.  There NY Pipe Club members will, in conjunction with Russ Oulette (the blender), unveil the blends for all to sample and purchase.

Here are pictures from the meeting for all to see and enjoy.  January 2012 meeting